Township of Millburn Approves event  MAY 9, 2003

Friday, TO BE ANNOUNCED                                                      Reunions

         Participants will arrive back in Millburn.. For the entire weekend a Hospitality Room / Event Command Post would be set up at Millburn High School…. This would be the point of contact for messages, event information, etc.

          At 7 pm. Main Street, between Millburn Avenue and Essex Street would be closed.  The Rec. Department stage would be set up on the north side of Main Street and musical entertainment would be provided. First Night Style Event

         Local eateries, using the Chamber of Commerce and the D.M.D.A. would be invited to setup in this area.

         Music and fun would be provided until 11 pm. During this street fair…

         Special Price Tickets would also be prearranged with the Paper Mill Playhouse for this night and all shows over the course of the weekend



         From 8 am – 1 pm all participants would be allowed access to all municipal tennis courts and the par-3 golf course.

         Certain Schools would also provide open gyms with pickup volleyball games and basketball games….

         Special Trolley Buses would be making scheduled loops throughout Millburn Township during the weekend for site seeing and shopping.  These trolley busses would make stops at the Mall at Short Hills and the downtown Millburn Merchants

         From 9am – 12pm the trolley buses would make special stops at the Middle School and all the Elementary Schools.. These schools would be open for a “memory walk though”..

         Present and former teachers would be encouraged to stop by these schools..

         In the afternoon, from 12 pm – 4 pm Family Day would be provided at Millburn High School.

         Fun family type’s events would be held.

         Millburn High School would also hold an open house.  All present and former staff members would also be invited to attend this event.

         The Millburn High School Band, Orchestra, and Chorus would also be asked to provide an afternoon concert in the auditorium.

         Any clubs, i.e. the Miller would also be asked to setup a display.

         The art department would also be encouraged to display the present student’s work.

         On the rear athletic field a large event tent(s) would be setup

         On Saturday Night from 7pm - ? We would hold the Grand Reunion Prom.

         This event would provide a dinner, drinks, and dancing for the guests



         All local churches and temples would be encouraged over the course of the weekend to also hold open houses and special religious services.

         Sunday Morning Brunch would be held at Millburn High School at 10 am.

        Millburn Grand Reunion Touch Football Game… 12 noon…

         Former MHS Football Players would be encouraged to play this reunion game.

         Former cheerleaders and band members would also be encouraged to participate with the present MHS Cheerleaders / Band.

         Former and present coaches would also be asked to manage this program

         After the closing ceremony at the end of the Football game, MHS would once again be open with rooms reserved for each graduating class to congregate.



         National Charity to be announced

         The Business Community

         Millburn Schools System would be given our database.

         School clubs – fund raisers

         Scholarship Funds

         A most memorable weekend for all