To Insure the best possible stay for each of our guest the following policies have been adopted by the management of this facility and made a part of each agreement to reserve or occupy a room.


 This property is a PRIVATELY OWNED SEASONAL MOTEL.  All units, apartments and efficiencies including 204 Arnold Avenue are rented day-to-day.   MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT to refuse service, terminate a stay for non-payment or any other reason they deem necessary; lockout guest and deny access for non payment pursuant to NJSA2A:44-48; to relocate guest to alternate unit if necessary, inspect and have access to all units on a daily basis.  STORAGE CHARGES will be assessed for any items left behind and packing charges will be charged should guest abandon his or her belongings.  Management does not assume responsibility for the storage of any item left behind and guest agrees that items may be disposed at managementís discretion.  Management is not responsible for accidents/injury or loss of money/jewelry/other valuables of any kindThis FACILITY AND PROPERTY IS FOR THE USE OF REGISTERED GUESTS ONLY. GUESTS AGREE NOT TO INVITE AND OR ALLOW THE USE OF THIS FACILITY BY ANY ONE OTHER THAN INDIVIDUALS REGISTERED AND LISTED AT THE FRONT DESK REGISTRYGUEST ROOMS MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE CONTAIN MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF GUESTS REGISTERED TO THAT ROOM AT ANY TIME. NO PARTYING OR DRINKING IS ALLOWED. ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE PATIO, PARKING LOTS OR EXTERIOR OF THE FACILITY.  THE USE OF THE PATIO AREA AND ADJOINING PROPERTIES IS SOLELY AT THE DISCRETION OF MANAGEMENT.  All rules and regulations of the facility must be adhered to which include but are not limited the above and following:  NO PETS WHATSOEVER OF ANY KIND!     NO ADDITIONAL GUESTS OR VISITORS!   NO EXCESS STORAGE OF BOXES!   NO STEREOS OR OTHER MUSIC GENERATING EQUIPMENT. ALL CLOTHING MUST BE KEPT IN DRESSERS, CLOSETS OR SUIT CASES. UNITS MUST BE MAINTAINED IN GOOD CONDITION BY GUEST, Garbage will not be allowed to accumulate, guest will dispose of excess garbage. Guest agrees to be responsible for, cleanliness, and for costs associated with the repair of any property damaged within guest room or otherwise damaged by guest outside of guests room while guest is registered.  LOST KEY/REPLACEMENT required will be charged $15 per additional key provided.  Guest acknowledges that this is a temporary rental and understands that upon managementís requests guest will be immediately leave the room and adjoining properties. 

PHONE SERVICE is available however it requires a security deposit in advance as determined by management. Please refer to (motel rate schedules for per call cost is available at the office). 

Checkout is to be no later than 11:00am on the date of departure

If for any reason guest anticipates departing or is unsure regarding guestís intention to stay or ability to pay for service. Than Guest agrees to remove all belongings and return key until such time as management is contacted and Guests intention and ability to Pay are Confirmed and Accepted to by Management.  Guest acknowledges that management may take back premises including any and all belongings found therein and due whatever necessary to return premises to rent able condition.  All costs associated with guestís failure to checkout by date set or otherwise requested are assessed to guest.

Parking of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles must be issued and display a permit provided by Management and additional costs may apply.  All vehicles must be properly registered and in good repair with no leaks of any kind.  Management reserves the right to deny access to off street parking at any time.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE WILL THE REPAIR, CLEANING OR OTHER MAINTENANCE OF ANY AUTOMOBILE OR VEHICLE BE ALLOWED IN ON OR AROUND THE MOTEL AND ADJACENT PARKING LOTS AND GROUNDS.                                        

Weekly payments for Guest Rooms is accepted and provides in some cases for a discounted daily rate based on payment seven days in advance for a period of time no less than 10 Weeks.  This rate is subject to change and does in fact change dramatically during the spring and summer season, beginning April 15 oF each year.  SECURITY will be obtained and held until guest has left facility and final inspection is made.  Any adjustments to discounted rate, which become necessary due to early departure, will be deducted from security.  LATE PAYMENTS will cause the discounted daily rate to be charged at the prevailing daily rate until such time payment is made in advance for seven days. A late fee of 20% if daily rate shall also apply.

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