AMETHYST SERVICES AND AMENITIES  

      To all our valued Customers;

    In an effort to continue to fairly provide affordable accommodations without simply raising rates across the board

to all our  varied customers, some of whom visit the area as sales professionals, consultants, contractors etc.

we are now offering certain services as optional at an additional cost.


    Due in large part to escalating property taxes and costs of operations coupled with a very

short summer season to cover the costs of maintaining our property for the entire 52 weeks

of the year it is necessary for us to raise the cost of a stay. As an alternative to simply raising

 room rates, we have implemented, as optional, the following services and allowing individual

 customers to customize their stays accordingly.


    Additionally we are adding more service offerings in an effort to continue to improve our guests

 experience and ask for your understanding and consideration as we implement this new program.


    The following is a list of services and packages available at an additional fee.  

Parking and resort packages are automatically included in each reservation as the

majority of our customers choose these. However, should you not wish to avail yourselves

of this service simply contact us and we will remove them.


Parking Service:                                $10 Daily, Applicability may vary by reservation date.

    Additional cars… subject to availability                 

    at prevailing rate that day, oversized vehicles

    must make arrangements prior to arrival.


        This is an optional service which most of our guests choose to include however

 it can be waived by availing yourself of the free parking on the streets adjacent to the

 hotel or arriving without a vehicle.


        Our location adjacent to the main parking for Jenkinson’s Boardwalk, Beach,

Amusement Area and just three blocks from Down Town Point Pleasant Beach shopping

 and Transportation Center requires us to own and maintain a supervised parking lot 24 hours a

 day, with valet parking on busy weekends and when necessary during the week.


        Parking as optional allows us to offer our guests who arrive without a vehicle a room

 rate which does not include the costs associated with providing our parking services.


    The parking fee passes on the expense of managing the parking lot to only those

guests bringing vehicles and is based on the number and size of the vehicles brought by the guest.


Please keep in mind that guests staying in other areas of the beach desiring to visit our area and the

central boardwalk must pay  $3.00 to $2.50 per hour for every hour they visit the boardwalk in the municipal lot,

or anywhere form $15 to $50 per car in some of the private lots along Ocean Ave.  



RESORT PKG:        $12.85 Daily (May not be purchased on a daily basis, available only as part of guests total stay.)


     This is an optional package which includes continental breakfast, coffee,

bagel or pastry, wireless internet service, unlimited local phone calls, discounted beach passes and

boardwalk ride passes, as well as half off our patio food service, barbeque grills, patio and pool access,

chaise lounges and use of our table seating in all our patio areas.  

Beach Pass Without resort fee discount                                           $ 7 weekends  $6 daily


Beach Pass…With resort fee discount                                               $ weekends and daily



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