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Group Booking Policies

Weddings, Meetings, Reunions, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, etc.

In order to properly accommodate and provide for the needs of guests who are part of a group, family or party, Amethyst International and Amethyst Beach Motel, has implemented certain policies rules and conditions as follows:

Each party consisting of two or more rooms is required to notify management at the time their reservations are made or when additional guest reservations are made in association with other guests who may have previously made reservations and who intend to meet for any purpose whatsoever while at this facility.

Amethyst polices are for the comfort and privacy that each and every guest expects when staying us.

The pool, patio areas and other common elements of the property are for the sole use of individual guests unless specifically booked for a group, any use of the pool patio by a group is prohibited unless approved in writing by Management and only after each guest comprising the groups agrees to all terms and conditions of Amethyst in writing regarding the group booking, meetings, event etc. Based solely on assessment of each groups need a charge may be incurred and a payment in full or other deposit may be required based on the sole discretion and assessment by Amethyst International Inc. Beach Motel management.  

Definition, Terms and Conditions for Group Bookings

Prior to any agreement and determination of costs for rooms, facilities, staffing or other services as may be deemed necessary by Amethyst International, Amethyst Beach Motel, each and every registering guest as part of a Group must provide Amethyst Management with detailed information as follows;

Prior to making their reservations,  or as soon thereafter as the reservations from persons associated in any way number two or more reservations for the same or overlapping time period, the group policy provisions will apply.

The following information in writing must be provided to Amethyst Management for all reservations made or being made as part of the group evaluation of services and facilities.

1.         The initial and total number of individuals anticipated to arrive as part of the group, this includes any unregistered visitors, visitors who are  not staying at the facility and or anyone whatsoever who may attempt to gain access to the patio, pool or other areas of this facility.

            2.         The initial and total number of rooms anticipated to be occupied and the dates of occupancy of those rooms.

            3.         The nature of the group i.e. wedding, reunion, fishing trip, etc.  As well as the anticipated activities of the group while occupying the rooms at the facility i.e. congregating, meeting, etc.

            4.         Any food service or catering anticipated, required or otherwise provided by members of the group or others during the term of stay at the facility.

            5.         Any entertainment of any kind whatsoever, all music, DJs, actors, comedians etc. must be specifically approved in writing as part of the group booking agreement.

6.         Room rates will be determined on a case by case basis for rooms associated with a group booking, Amethyst reserves the right to adjust the rates at any time and specifically if it is determined after the reservations are made, that a group has come or is coming together.  Room rate adjustments and facilities charges will be at the sole discretion of Amethyst Management and each guest  signing this agreement will be bound and responsible for payment of all charges as determined and deemed necessary by Amethyst Management.  Guest agrees that any fees incurred may be charged to the credit card on file and will otherwise be collected from guest.  Guest agrees to pay all charges as set for the in the group policy agreement or as may be deemed necessary by Amethyst during the term of guests stay as associated with any group.

7.         Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, (Charges may apply), guests must agree to adhere to all facility policies which includes:

a.         No alcoholic beverages and/or glass in pool patio area.

b.         Pool and patio closing times.

c.         The room or unit registered to each guest is for the sole use of the registered guest or guests of that unity only.

d.         Guest agrees not to invite or allow the use of their unit or any part of the facility, patio, parking lot or grounds by anyone other than the individual registered guest or guests of that specific unit as listed at the front desk registry.

e.         Guest room may not under any circumstances contain more than the number of registered guests to that room at any time, regardless of the fact that the other guest may also be registered to a room or unit at the Amethyst facility.

f.          No congregating, partying, assembly or drinking of alcohol of any kind is permitted on or in any part of the property including patios, parking lots, sidewalks or adjacent streets.

g.         Smoking is prohibited in all guest rooms, the main patio and interior public areas of this facility, any violation of this provision will provide Amethyst the options of charging guests for all necessary cleaning and restoration of units and facilities due to smoking.  Additionally Amethyst reserves the right to immediately terminated guest stay without refund.


h.         Additional charges and fees apply to the use of the parking areas, patios pool, chaise lounges and barbeques and may or may not be included in the room rates charged.  All facility charges and services for groups i.e. Patio, meeting rooms, beverage service, food services, clean up and security in additional to any other service or facility which is agreed to or utilized whatsoever will be charged based upon an evaluation of the number of persons, meeting basis or reason for group booking, seasonality, additional service required.

Arrangements in advance must be made if guests anticipate needing the use of these facilities.  Special arrangements must be made in writing with Amethyst management for the use of the facility by guest who intends to interact as a group.

Guest agrees that any use of the facility by the group will be at a cost to be determined either in advance or at any time that the group requires and receives amenities, services or facilities.  Other than by mutual agreement Amethyst Management may establish the cost and hold guests responsible.

Guest agrees that all charges incurred which may or may not have been agreed to in writing but utilized by guest or group will be billed to the credit card on file and that Amethyst reserves the right to request and charge additional amounts to secure costs associated with the group.

I have read and understand the above policies and agree to abide by the above policies and understand that any deviation from the above policies will result in additional charges and possible spontaneous termination of stay and guest will be responsible for all charges incurred.





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 Facility Charges and Services available for group bookings,

Group Booking Services, Amethyst is pleased to offer patio and meeting room facilities at a negotiated rate based on guests requirements please contact management at rooms@njbeach.com or call us at 732-899-3600