MHS Grand Reunion Status




Looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible,

e-mail MHS@njbeach.com


July 24, 2003  (FOUND) RALPH AGOSTINELLI (AKA.. NO POP A THE HOOD) Wanted for wild Street Racing (1968) GTO

June 27, 2003 To all Alumni, Friends and supporters, the sunny weather has finally arrived and many of us are either busy with business or vacations.  This event is alive and well and will begin moving forward in the fall.  I wanted to thank all of you for your interest and support and I personally am looking forward as I am sure all of your are to putting together this event.

            I encourage all of you to keep spreading the word and as soon as the Reunion T-Shirts are available we will post the information on our website www.grandreunions.com

            See you all in the fall…


May 3, 2003  We are preparing a press release and announcing a Kick Off Party tentatively for end of June  , 2003 in Millburn Location to be announced.  We will be meeting again on Friday May 9, 2003 at MHS for Press Release Photo Op and committee outline for the Kick Off Party..  T-Shirts have been tentatively designed and will be available along with hats for the MHS Grand Reunion Weekend, Class's 1890-2005

April 26, 2003

To all Alumni friends and interest parties, 

            We have reached the point of having defined our program for the Grand Reunion Weekend and must now address logistical and financial issues in order to pull it off. Each of you can help, we are looking for sponsors, celebrities and benefactors who would like to help.   The event will be incredible and most importantly all precedes will go to a number of local charitable programs in addition to benefiting the families of our post 911 veterans and victims. 

            Please tell someone about the event, spread the word and most importantly if you have access to individuals. Corporations or Organizations who you believe might like to help us please either contact them or forward the contact information to us and we will follow up.  We believe that this incredible nostalgic family event offers large sponsors and past alumni of notoriety or fame an opportunity to help and in return gain regional if not national exposure on what we hope will be a significantly new worth event.  Please Help Us with a Phone Call to Someone who can help MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

This entire event will be shot and made into a Video. We will be photographing all participants and creating the grand reunion year book.  Documentary of the entire process will be shot as well, everyone is invited to participate.

 January 12, 2003 Organizational Meetings and Logistical Analysis of Event/Site Scheduling Underway. Stay Tuned!

We are in need of additional assistance any interested parties please contact us at mhs@njbeach.com